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They change the front tire normally
Yea, that's what I'm questioning. Why do people change it if there isn't a solid logical idea behind it, or does people just think a big dirt bike front tire is ugly? The 3 wheeler my dad welded together seemed to handle just fine with the dirt bike front tire, but I was too young to really remember much else about it. I think it had a open rear diff like a lawn mower, so not quite the same as 99% of atv axles. I just remember when it was powered with the stock engine it had a really hard time moving in sand, and any hill it couldn't go up.

Anyway, long story short, seems to be more logical to take a dirt bike and convert it into a 3 wheeler, instead of taking a quad and hacking the front end up and trying to turn it into a 3 wheeler. I might have to find a cheap Honda dirt bike or enduro and toy around with that idea. Pretty easy to hack off the back half of the swing arm and weld in the tubing/carrier section of a 3 wheeler/4 wheeler to have a fairly good quick and dirty modern 3 wheeler with no rear fenders lol.