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Thread: Yamaha MX400 ATC Three Wheeler

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    Yamaha MX400 ATC Three Wheeler

    First time seeing this trike. I'm digging the colors, pretty sweet!

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    What a simple but sweet machine. Can't be more than 3 or 4 wires total.
    If it's tuned right I bet that thing will climb the sky.
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    That's been on the SATX Craigslist for a while - I bet it could be had for less - not a big market for it.

    I've been resisting... I'm in SATX roughly once a month on business anyway...

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    I love this. I wish I could. Just to have it. Ride it and have people wonder what’s wrong with that guy? Hope someone here buys it.

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    I love how you USE to be able to buy all those kits!!
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