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Thread: 200ES no fire w/ electric start

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    Jul 2018

    200ES no fire w/ electric start

    I finally solved it.
    After sorting out some Bubba riggin' and cutting out over a dozen butt end connectors, resoldering and shrink wrapping and putting wires where they are SUPPOSED to go, not where some idiot retard THINKS they should go, I still wasn't getting a spark with the starter. Pull rope, yes. Directly shorting the starter post, yes. Using the starter button or shorting the solenoid....NO.

    First problem I found were dirty contacts on the inhibitor switch. Two of the wires (dunno what color, I'm, color blind) MUST make contact to the ground when the button is pushed. Cleaned that and nothing. Tried my only other inhibitor switch and it worked...but no spark.

    On a whim, I tried another CDI and it worked perfect. Got everything tidied up and put together neatly. Whew! What a head ache!


    Where can I buy the proper Inhibitor switch, anyone know? Can't find them at any of the online parts places. SleezBay and Amazon were a bust too.
    From what I just learned, I want a couple spare inhibitors and CDI boxes on hand at all times.

    If anyone knows, please do tell.
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    I was going to suggest the CDI right away when I saw your post, glad you got it sorted out!
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