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Thread: greetings from massachusetts

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    greetings from massachusetts

    I actually signed up a little over a year ago but only made my first post some time last month. I was introduced to the site by a simple google search probably a few months before signing up and i believe I signed up because you need an account to view any posted images. I had visited the siteís spec page many times, which I must say has some excellent information.

    I have a 1987 Honda ATC250ES in great mechanical shape, with both front and rear brakes working fine (on a honda in my experience is practically unheard of lol) has front and rear racks (maybe all the big red 250ís do, not sure) the front fender is good, it has both side panels, rear plastics have some rivet repairs, and the storage box in the back has a big hole in it :/ (thinking i might patch it with gorilla tape or find some flat black plastic from like a storage bin of some kind or maybe Iíll encounter a broken trash barrel or any other black plastic I can cut into a couple rectangles roughly 4x6 and 3x5 or so and get it looking decent, or just gorilla tape or just leave it as is. Machine runs great but I should get a battery for it. Iíve had it probably two years or more and Iíll never get rid of it.

    This spring i picked up a 1984 atc200m runs and rides ok smokes some (I posted about it in new member general discussion) as Iím toying with the idea of putting a different motor in it that has reverse) all plastics on this one are pretty bad and not original, not sure which model they are from but theyíre not from a 200m

    Yesterday I bought a suzuki quadrunner 250 4x4 not sure of the year havenít had a chance to look for markings / vin, etc. I believe itís the 1999 to 2002 model so as a guess I would say 2000, needs a carb clean but does run, only machine I have that uses a battery and doesnít need a new one haha

    Also have a 1983 suzuki dr125 first kick bike good shape

    Have a Dual sport 350 suzuki that I didnít enjoy using on the road, probably just like to get rid of it, off road is a thousand times better, I hate driving cars, so I should have known, but at least I learned my lesson, no indecents, roads and traffic just wasnít fun to me plus the bike was too tall, maybe one day Iíll get a 125 or 200 road bike

    I have a pair of suzuki ds80ís ones a 1999 ones a 2000 havenít bothered decoding the vins to see which one is which, one is a parts bike anyway because it didnít come with a rear wheel and one side of the seat bolt thread holes on the frame is broken off, both motors need top ends and kick start shafts, Iíd love to take the good one to a shop and get the work done but I need the time and money to work itself out. Ds80s are my favorite bike of all time, used to have one that ran, road, everything great, never should have sold it, thatís why I picked these up a few years later

    Wifeís machine is a Kawasaki mojave runs fine, little thrashed by the previous owner that was some teenager so we spent about 1000 dollars on motor work after we bought it

    Also I have a pair of wheel horse tractors one with a mowing deck and one with a snowblower, I love the one with the mowing deck, the snowblower one though is just overkill for the area I have to clear

    And finally the last thing I have to say is I absolutely cannot stand and despise more than anything the place I live, massachusetts is beyond awful, I want to live in maine!!!!!

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    welcome aboard. some good people on here.
    Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!!!!!

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