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Thread: TaoTao 125cc Throttle for kids

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    TaoTao 125cc Throttle for kids

    Yello everyone. I have a little 125cc taotao(atleast that's what I was told by my mom who I got this from). Im in the process of wanting to detune it so it dont go so fast for my smaller nieces and nephew. But no matter what I do I cant get the throttle to not massively over rev. I've tried adjusting fuel mixture, idle screw, and even the speed limiter on the handle bars and it still revs really high and doesnt seem to slow down at all. And what I want is this thing to have half the revs it has now so it kinda crawls in every gear. My nieces and nephew are really gutsy and will hurt themselves on it so I wanna slow it down. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also would moving the needle in the carburetor down a notch slow it down?

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    If all else fails you could use a short piece of small metal tubing to make a spacer that would slip over the throttle cable on the inside of the throttle spring located in the carb itself. It would take multiple trial and error fittings to get it right but when you find the spot you like, it would make avery effective throttle stop. Also would be highly unlikely to get monkeyed with by the kids. I know when i was a kidthe screw in the thumb throttle only worked on mine for one ride. I found that screw pretty quick. Lol!
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