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Thread: Yamaha ytm 175cc engine swaps

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    Jan 2017

    Yamaha ytm 175cc engine swaps

    What are all the engines i can swap into a 83 ytm 175. I have read you can swap a 79
    mx175 right into it, but also curious to what else would work. I was maybe thinking of trying to throw my banshee 350 engine in it ������

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    Apr 2014
    Edmond, KS
    First, it won't just bolt in by any means. How you with cutting and welding? Second, there's NO WAY that I'd recommend this. With the stock 175cc engine it's already a wheelie monster. Most importantly, there's no rear suspension and the front may be questionable at best. Also, the frame may not hold up well to the power from the Banshee engine. I'm not trying to talk you out of this, just giving you fair warning.

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