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Thread: New member in AZ here got my 350x and 250R going mostly

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    New member in AZ here got my 350x and 250R going mostly

    The 250R is running good but still is fat In The mid and on top and the rare axle is bend and the Carrier bearing is going out

    The 350x is great Sam Harkabusic is making me a header and a super trap set up the carb is ok stock on my bike but itís sweating fuel so I need to rebuild or swap out for maybe a 400ex
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    Take a drive up to Prescott and go to RPM they will bend back and make straight again. Just give them a call for heads up. Carrier just rebuild yourself buy new OEM Honda bearings and seals.

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    I have an 82 atc250r that I'll probably be parting out so if you don't go the route of having the axle bent straight the one on my machine might be for sale. I think your 250r is the 83-84 style, not sure if the axle interchanges or not or what the differences would be if that's the case.

    Defo just buy new Honda bearings for the carrier.

    My one 350x has a bad needle/seat and it overflows slowly when the gas is on so that might be the same issue you have. I got a cheap used OEM carb from another member here so I'm going the route of swapping it out, but generally it's cheaper to fix the existing carb. The other spot it could leak is the float bowl gasket, rebuild kit should come with a new one though.

    Good luck on the repairs, sounds like pretty simple things to deal with.

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