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Thread: Been a member but first post. honda 250sx won't start.

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    Spring Lake, MI

    Been a member but first post. honda 250sx won't start.

    Hello to all. My name is Don and I'm in Michigan. Spring Lake to be exact, near Grand Haven and Muskegon. I've gleaned a lot of great info from this site and decided to join last year I believe it was. Been caring for my Mom, an hour long commute for work, keeping two homes in order, and life in general has kept me from being very active here. Actually from doing much of anything really. Anyways, I inherited a 1985 honda 250sx when my father passed in 2016. Dad used exclusively for ice fishing but hadn't used it in about six years. He always had trouble starting it. Finally made the rear rack easily rotate back, unclipped the fenders, removed the air filter (not much dust on the frozen lake), and would hand choke it to get it to start. Last year from this site I learned of the '85 bad carb problem and the modification to the choke jet. That mod WORKS! The bike ran great. I cleaned it up extensively. Blasted and painted many parts. I put a solenoid and a starter on her. I was very excited about using the sx for ice fishing. After a ride to the mail box and back to the garage I shut it off. The next time I tried to start it...no start. Got gas, got spark, got compression. I thought the choke problem had returned. So I open the air box and stick my hand over the air inlet and....no suck?? But I definitely have compression! I pulled the valve adjustment covers and all looks good on both valves. Both rockers are operating and no broken valve springs. Like I said, I have great compression. I don't really want to pull the motor. What do you guys think? Any ideas?

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    Valve lash closed up. Set your valves to .003-.004. Great thing you are doing for your Mom. You'll never regret a second of it when she's gone
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