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Thread: Photos of migration through Mexico

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    The Butterfly Effect. It's a movie.

    Post a thread about Butterflies and watch it unfold.

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    Chicks love guys that ride trikes

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Camexican View Post
    I really like the word “debonair”. Can’t remember the first time I heard it as a kid, but it really dosent get enough use these days.

    I wonder how many people on here besides us know what a maricon is?

    Debonair and De boner, whilst completely different in meaning, are still connected. Literally and figuratively.
    Who is Q?

    Quote Originally Posted by fabiodriven View Post
    Trick the people into thinking they're enacting their own will and you have willing slaves.

    Liberalism suspends the intellect of its victims, while at the same time tricking them into believing that they're smarter than everyone else.

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