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Thread: Rear fender / Mud flap threaded insert bolts

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    Rear fender / Mud flap threaded insert bolts

    Hello all, I just bought the rear mud flap for my '85 350x, it came with the screws and collars but no inserts. Ive seen the inserts on ebay but they want $55 for two and in that case I will sell the mud flap before paying that. Anyone know where else I could get them from?

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    I found some threaded inserts at Menards in the hardware section (in the specialty drawers). They are not sized like the originals, but I was able to find a size that worked. If I remember correctly, I had to buy the screws that matched the insert (I don't remember if they were the same as the original equipment screw size/thread pitch).

    I found that when installing the threaded inserts, to get a good hold I used some epoxy. But before using the epoxy, I used a dremel to put some good teeth inside the hole. Make some good grooves in the hole so that the epoxy actually mechanically locks the insert in the hole (rather than relying on gluing it in, the epoxy and key the insert in).

    If I can find the ones I used when I get home (at work right now, working real hard) I'll take a pic and post up a reply.
    - Frank

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    I'm sure someone has sourced these before, but a good place to start would be Mcmaster Carr online. They have thousands of miscellaneous types of inserts, fasteners.

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