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Thread: The Bob-caT snowthrower

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    I had one of those Snowbirds that you are talking about where the whole impeller housing rotated. If you could get it to throw snow 6' you were doing good. I think it was an 8hp. Heres a pic of my new Ariens from last winter. For scale purposes its a 30" wide machine.
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    Up at the cottage when I was younger (1980ish) we had a FORD blower. Worked well for years and years...

    Around 2000 someone gave me a single stage blower without a motor. I popped a 6.5HP Honda engine on it that had no governor. It was a old race engine from my gokart days. I put a manual hand throttle cable on it. It got a bit stupid. LOL. FF to when I bought my house. I can fit about 6 cars in my driveway and had no blower at the time. My friend at Honda called me about a Honda HSS622 for sale. $1000.00. I bought it and used it here for 10 years. Great blower BUT it was slow. I just sold it last week. ($700.00) Ran like a Honda should.

    Another friend got me hooked on a single stage blower (Toro) I bought one used. ($200) It is a 4.5HP 2 stoke. I LOVE it. I zip up and down my driveway. I work Flat Rate. LOL. I would toss it in my van and clear my girlfriends driveway also. Nice and light. I picked her up one this summer to keep at her house. Newer unit with 5HP.

    Fabs. That is a very cool blower!! Lots going on with belts , clutch and gears!!! And the fear factor if it get's away. LOL

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    Pics of the snow bird as promised. Its such a cutie, but as stated a shovel us more effective unless your really really lazy!
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    So on the subject of single stage snowblowers Rob, I used one a couple of times when I was younger. My friend had two moms, so he was supposed to kind of be the man of the house. He was useless though, so I used to run the little two stroke single stage snowblower for him. I almost wasn't going to bother using it, I thought it was probably a waste of time, but I gave it a shot. I was really impressed with what it did but I thought the snow bank by the road would be the end of it. Well it didn't stop, and it did a great job. I was impressed!

    Thanks for sharing the Snow Bird pics 90nut! So funny how ineffective those machines are!
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    I spied a Bobcat just a short time ago in Raynham in a backyard, the handlebars are a huge give a way...

    I'm waiting to see a car in the yard, but after seeing yours and working on it, I want one regardless if I have a backhoe or not
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