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Thread: 1986 ATC 125M owners?

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    Jun 2017
    Enumclaw, WA

    1986 ATC 125M owners?

    Hello fellow 1986 ATC 125M owners, the tank graphics for these rigs were specific to this year, and I might have a line on getting them reproduced as I have two pristine ones on my tank and NO one makes them (I'll get them as close as I can).

    If anyone would be interested. Use the poll to vote if you'd be interested in a set and feel free to reply with what you feel would be a fair price for them?

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    Not a 86 ATC125M owner, but the general rule for price markup is about 30-100% markup, don't forget to include all costs, cost of item (including shipping), shipping to customers (unless billed separately), all payment fees (paypal, ebay, amazon etc). For tax reasons, don't forget to count the costs as a deductibles against the profit. Mileage is a cost if you have to drive anywhere. Just hate you to get hit with 20%+ taxes on the total sold price.

    Like if they cost you $20 each set to make and receive, say a 100% markup $40 + $3 shipping (USPS first class), then ~15% for paypal + ebay fees = $49.45, I generally round up/down to make a "pretty" number like $49.95, or straight up $50. Of course if you sold them on here directly (not 3ww shop), about 10% or so can be taken off for like $44.95.

    Anyway, no clue how much they'd cost to have made. Generally if it's something that can sell fast, there's lower markup, and slower sellers are higher markup due to the cost of storage, but that's more in the sense of a business operation. Don't forget your time is worth something, so don't discount the fact packing and shipping products costs you money, ideally you'd add that into the price too if you have solid numbers, but I doubt you're doing this as a business so just use your better judgement.

    Either way you go with this, good luck with the project.

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