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Thread: Any plastic crack repair tricks?

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    Apr 2012
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    I searched around a bit on the super glue trick, and everything seems to point to that the baking soda acts as an accelerate for the normal super glue reaction. It sets up nearly instantly, and the process is baking soda first, then super glue. Heat is generated in both reactions, but with the accelerate it makes more heat since it's a faster reaction. Neat stuff to know, seems it also helps the super glue bond to surfaces better and such too.

    Would be neat for someone to test this on a junk set of plastics and see how hard it is to re-break them. I suspect the flexing would be a problem, but for smaller plastics like headlight housings, it might be a perfect solution. End result is paint able, but it might yellow and cause a slight color change in the paint at the repair location (if it's filling a hole). I know I have a junk fender around, but I'd have to figure a good way to get a nice clean break in it and buy some superglue lol.

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    i drill a 1/8" hole at the end of the crack. a crack can no crack around 360 degrees. then every 1/4" i type wrap them. not the X stitch, just straight. I go ride then. New plastics are cool if they are too bad.
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