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Thread: Big Red 250es new cam install and timing

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    Big Red 250es new cam install and timing

    I purchased a cam and valve springs from web cams. Ive been looking on here and youtube for info on installation and timing of the cam and valve spring installation. After a search on here I did not see one. If any one knows of a thread on here could you please lead me to that? I saw some videos on youtube for atc 185 and atc 200. also for honda 4 wheelers. I know some people but big red cams in the fourtrack so I assume it is a similar install, but the videos weren't very detailed. I know it cant be super complicated timing a single cylinder but just want to make sure I get it right. Thanks for any help.


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    Pretty sure the timing on the 185/200 series engines are more complicated than the 250es/sx engines since they use a mechanical based ignition timing instead of electric based (in the CDI). It's more or less the same for nearly all engines, there's some sort of marking on the cam to line up, and a timing mark on the crank (T for Honda's under the screw caps). Do you have the 250es service manual? It's easiest to follow that as a guide for the exact application.

    Here's a site with service manuals. The 250es one doesn't have the nice quick link bookmarks, for the timing section I'd say the 250sx manual is safe to use. Both engines are very similar, same with the TRX250. Bottom end of the TRX350D is also very similar.


    Good luck with your project, if you run into any issues, let us know and I'm sure someone will chime in with some details to help.

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