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Thread: 350x valve seals

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    350x valve seals

    Just out of curiosity, can the valve seals be changed with the head on, or does it have to be removed, as the valves move too much? Mine smokes some after being stored upright for awhile.

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    Not 100% sure of the design, but it's possible to do the job without pulling the head on most car engines, but you have to pressurize the cylinder to keep the valves from dropping down. It's basically just threads into the spark plug hole, and hooks up to an air compressor. You'd want the engine on the power stroke, at the very bottom of the stroke.

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    You would have to come up with a way to get the valve springs off and a way to keep the valves from dropping into the cyl. In reality it's not that much more work to just pull the head off.
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    Pull the head and while it's off you can inspect the valves and seats.


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