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Thread: coming soon: hi performance CDI upgrades for 350x and gen2 200x

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    What is the feedback on this CDI unit in general? Starting from a good running machine and switching over to this CDI unit?

    Seems you had a couple ones fail. All good. This that or the other. I have a 1983 200X. Had a issue a couple years ago and thought it maybe had a issue with the CDI unit. Looked around on ebay etc... Saw some units used... New knock offs...

    I ended up getting a OEM one from my local Honda dealer. It was like $120 new OEM CAD. No brainer as guy's are selling them on EBay for like $70 CAD for a used one. Shipping kills me. LOL

    '83 200X

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    I was not around for the milner stuff but as such I am wary of buying anything from you oscar. If that makes me an ass then prove me wrong as I would gladly buy several performance cdi for 70$ each.
    What rev limiter did you eliminate on the 350x?
    You mentioned dyno numbers on fb but didnt bother to save or record that testing?
    In a dark garage, can you ground the pkug and show us the difference in spark in a video changing only the cdi....seems easy enough, right?
    Didnt your 350x fail at the cinders race in flagstaff? What happened? Was that testing the cdi?
    Seems like a heck of alot of R&D with the japanese and taiwanese to make 20$ per unit....amazing work!

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    Wasn't expecting a post here on these. Yea I'm working with Oscar making harness adapters and full harnesses with the updated 4+2 style CDI plugs. The wiring for his units are the same as the 350x, 86 250R, 86-87 200x, and 86 200s. The 250es/sx used a slightly different pin out that we are working to solve. They also use a reverse safety switch which this CDI isn't designed for. Not sure if Oscar can have them produced with the safety circuit added or not. I'm planning to get one of these for my 350x, so I can review my experience with them if people want. $70 for a quality CDI is dirt cheap. The China ones function but there's no consistency, I've been buying different models of the China CDI's and testing them on my 350x to try to find a cheap alternative and so far all of their timing curves are too far off to run right.

    I've also talked to Oscar on the phone about these units, and everything I know about CDI's, engines, timing, spark, etc match up to what he says. If it was some sort of knock off scam attempt with cheap generic China CDI's, he knows the subject better than I'd ever expect a scammer to try to learn.

    Every new product has flaws and improvements can be made. I've gone though that a lot myself with modifying China ignition switches and the process I use for building harnesses. Out of 1000+ ignition switches I've sold on ebay, I've had around 6 returns, 2 units broken (one housing broke open, and one internal in the switching part broke), and the rest tested fine so only sense I can make of it is the customer bought for the wrong machine. Never had a return on my wire harnesses yet, I've made a mistake on the CDI pinout twice, I had it wrong on my template though and the customers were able to fix the issue with my help. Of course my products are not Oscar's, just using them as an example.

    Anyway, I like the US court system, innocent until proven guilty. If these are china knock offs, get the proof and I'll be in line with the pitch fork and torch too. The blue china CDI is similar, but the size isn't the same. I have one of those narrow China CDI's on hand, once I get one for my 350x I can show a side by side photo of them.

    Also since we are on the topic of these, I'm working out how to build a test box to plug into the CDI connector on the machines and test the specs of the exciter coil, pulse generator, and primary coil (for the ignition coil). A bad ground would show up in the exciter coil test, and possibly the pulse generator test depending on the machine's design (common ground vs dedicated ground for pulse generator). The logic behind this test box is because a lot of people don't own Multi-Meters or know how to use them, so its a plug in and flip a couple switches. I'd love to build a micro controller with data logging so it can test both resistances while the machine is off, and voltages while it's running (piggy backed off the CDI connector), but I haven't had direct experience with micro controllers or programming them yet. The simpler build is based on a multi meter in a box with some switches to switch the test lead points.

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