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Thread: Anybody into 550 KTM's ??

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    Anybody into 550 KTM's ??

    Anybody into 550 KTM's ?? While the pic is not my bike...it does give you and idea of a stock '92 550 DXC looks like
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 588fdd681b45c_KTM125EXC1992.jpg  
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    I'm not into the ktm's but I definitely have a great appreciation for that era for all those bikes

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    93-97 ktms were my envy as a kid. The 94-95 ones I loved. I've only been able to own a 1995 250sx. That lasted 1hour and I sold it fir $200 more then I paid for it. Recently I've found a 96 125sx with no motor but at $550 I only see it as a pile of parts.

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