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Thread: E-manual

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    It's pretty difficult to know how to maintenance or repair a trike without a manual.

    Fortunately, a very generous person has made many of them available online, at no additional cost to the viewer.


    It seems like this valuable resource is often forgotten or overlooked. The very first thing any new trike owner should acquire and still a great place to look first for current trike owners needing some info. It's always a good idea to have a paper version too, or at least print out pages needed at the moment.

    If nothing else, save the site in your browser as a bookmark or put it in a favorite list.
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    Yea, those have been available for ages, but never hurts to give a fresh thread to bring attention to it. It comes up as a high rank on google when searching "atc manual". I've thought about throwing a copy of all the service manuals up on my site, but there could be a bit of a copyright issue, don't think I ever asked Oscar about that. Could just do it and if I get the letter in the mail to take it down, then take them down.

    Also it's worth mentioning, there are a few mistakes in the service manuals, nothing is perfect, but it gets people in the right direction.

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