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Thread: Anybody heard from ironchop lately?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirtcrasher View Post
    Oh man, I'm sorry to hear of the hell you have been thru... IDK if you guys remember Tanks 350X? Roy? But his mom passed away quite young and he died in his sleep, I'm guessing it was a stroke. She had a heart condition.

    These genetic things just seem to get passed on... I sure hope you feel better and they are keeping a close eye on you.

    All kidding aside, who wouldn't wish the very best for ANYONE they knew.

    Take care buddy!
    Yeah I remember Roy.... Great guy

    My mom, one brother, one neice, my grandfather, a bunch of uncles, three cousins all have the same syndrome I have. Quite a few died very young from strokes and aneurysms. I'm trying to avoid that.

    Thanks Steve
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    Quote Originally Posted by ironchop View Post
    I'm trying to avoid that.
    Sounds like a great plan! Here's to your success!!
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    What a run Chop. Some holiday you had! I hope things go smooth from here on out for you. Thanx for checking in.
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