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Thread: 1999 Polaris Ranger 6x6

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    1999 Polaris Ranger 6x6

    Any opinions on the earliest Ranger models? 1999 was the first year they came out with the Rangers apparently ("Series 99" Perhaps?)

    My Father is looking for a cheap replacement for his ATV, as he finds climbing on and off an ATV to be increasingly difficult. Stepping into a SxS would definitely be easier for him.

    A '99 popped up on the local classifieds that is quite well priced, but I'm wondering if the early Rangers are "reliable" (as much as a 20 year old machine can be) or if they are prone to lots of wrenching on. I keep reading mixed reviews online, so any first-hand experience advice would be greatly appreciated. He would be replacing his '94 King Quad 300, so he's used to maintaining old machines - I'm just not sure a Ranger (with 1200 hrs) would be as reliable as his King Quad.
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    That's really cool but it has TWICE as many wheels as it should have.

    Can-Am, Bombadier, John Deere and if I remember right, Suzuki made step through ATV's. Would make it much easier for him to get on and off of.
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    They are ok my uncle has one and a buddy has one two. They are ok they will tear the ground up a lot when driving around cause you are always dragging a set of tires when you turn. They turn kind of hard compared to the newer ones. They are known for having a soft cam (they are all over eBay for cheap) I've replaced my uncles already. They have the normal issues with the belts and suspension bushings. They are a snow pushing machine expesially with about 4 hundred pounds in the bed.
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    like he said. They had all kinds of issues with the cam lobes wearing on those.

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    Anything old polaris always seems to have issues. I'd let it go. Its going to be good to hual only. Any newer 4x4 atv will do the same. Id spend the money on something 2000+ 4x4 before buying a 6x6. Hes selling because he saw the light and bought a 4x4 atv.

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