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Thread: 1987 Honda TRX200SX

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    1987 Honda TRX200SX

    Craigslist ad (well kijiji but same thing in Canada ;) popped up today for a 1987 Honda TRX200SX. One too many wheels for my liking but I couldn't resist, the price was right. It was advertised as:

    -needs clutch cable
    -has power going to solenoid but no power coming out
    -rip cord seems to work and appears to have compression

    First thing that caught my attention was the missing clutch cable - these things are like 250sx ATC's, centrifugal clutch with no "cable" required.

    I called him up and asked if it starts/idles/smokes etc and he said he doesn't know - he put a bit of gas in but gave up after finding out electric start didn't work and a few pulls on the ripcord. Then he told me about how he bought it in a storage locker auction last week and he's not mechanical in the slightest and just wants to make a bit of money off it. He was told it had sat unused for over a decade. I told him I'd show up and try to start it in his driveway - if it starts I'd give him asking price ($600 USD).

    Headed straight there after work with the basics (fresh fuel, spark plug wrench, screwdrivers, fuel drain hose, etc). Pulled the seat off and looked at air filter:

    Removed that right away and cleaned out all the bits I could from the airbox. Sprayed a bit of quick-start down it's throat and pulled the rip-cord. Very first pull it sounded like it wanted to catch... the 2nd pull it fired up and idled for 4 seconds. 3rd pull and a bit of throttle and it purred nicely with no smoke at all. Paid him asking price and dragged it home. Hooked up jumper cables and the electric start/solenoid works no problem at all, was just a very old and completely dead battery.

    Gonna clean the carb, chain and fuel-tank, change the oil and buy a new battery, air filter and rear brake cable (that was the missing "clutch" cable lol). Should be a great "buddy ride" and since it's a Honda will last another few decades no problem :) I think it will look great sitting beside my '86 250SX ATC.

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    If in nice shape they are worth bucks since no one makes anything small and easy to ride anymore. If I could of fly d somthing like this I wouldn't be building a semi auto blaster for my daughter.

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    Good stuff. 600 USD or Canadian?

    '83 200X

    Chicks love guys that ride trikes

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    Nice find. One of my wish list quads as well as a 1986 250x fourtrax.

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