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Thread: The effeminate man will always FAIL.

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    The effeminate man will always FAIL.

    Ok, this one's for all you tadpoles out there as most of the seasoned veterans already understand; I feel it's my duty to help pass on the much needed traditions that will FOREVER work. Without fail.

    If you have a notion to take up with a woman you have to understand that this PC sissy metrosexual thing ain't gonna cut it. You HAVE to be a real man. Not the effeminate spineless fairy the current culture would have you be.
    As a real man, you need to understand that it's your God given right to have the last word in EVERY conversation. EVERY argument. Every time. DO NOT let her get the last word lest you have your man card revoked.

    ........and those last words BETTER BE: Yes Ma'am, you're exactly right or I'm sorry, I don't know why I didn't think of that.

    Have a good day.
    Amateur Resurrectionist

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    Not bad, but a drop in the bucket. The red pill is the key.

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