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Thread: 1985 250sx ignition switch wires getting hot

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    1985 250sx ignition switch wires getting hot

    I've been doing quite a bit of work to my 250sx to get it running for this year and one of the things I'm doing is replacing the ignition key switch since the previous owner tried to do some soldering on it and melted it so it looks like . I bought a new switch on ebay but turns out it's actually for a big red so it's a little bit different than the 250sx switch. I managed to figure out the mounting, and got it wired in correctly and it looks great. So since the battery is dead I hooked up the battery charger and tried to use the electric start, but when I did that the wires got super hot and melted all together. Today I just soldered in all new wires on the switch, and made sure they're all wired exactly how the wire diagram says, but when I went to start it (just used the kick start this time) they still got pretty warm and felt like they would've melted again if I kept trying to start it. Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be??
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    Maybe you have a short in one of your wires.

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