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Thread: Heel guards

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    Heel guards

    Hey guys, Steve here again. VERY happy to say that the very rough (but also very complete) '85 250sx that I picked up, for a song, is up and running very well. And looking good too. My question now is, since my son (who gives anesthesia) is warning me of the dangers of the rear tires doing a number on your legs, are there guards available to prevent this? He has been involved with cases where the rider's calf muscle has been torn loose and others where the femur was broken!!! He, like me, raced bikes in enduros and scrambles for years and loves all off road vehicles, but he just wants to keep me from a preventable injury. We, being bike guys, are not used to having to watch for the rear wheels, and are accustomed to putting our feet down when out of shape. Anyway, can anyone guide me in the right direction for either factory or homemade guards? Thanks, Steve

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    You'll have to watch that for sure. You may be able to fab something up yourself. Possibly, some off of a newer sport quad could be modified to work. I put a foot down sometimes BUT only when I'm about to tip over, and ONLY at slow speeds. I'll give myself a push to right the trike and then put the foot back right away. It's dangerous, but I suppose so is tipping over.

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    If you’re concerned with a heel guard look into modifying a set off an older Yamaha Blaster. Can pick up a set off eBay for cheap and a little fab work could probably make them fit right up.

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    I've built many sets for machines that never had any. Gytr yamaha one are pretty nice. Blaster ones didn't really provide a heel guard, more so a foot platform.

    These are nice then blaster steel and plastic ones.

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