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Thread: fl400 intake on a 81 250r?

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    fl400 intake on a 81 250r?

    Ok folks, I need to redo my intake (again time flies) anyways, looking at the fl400 intake, I need a straight out boot, which the fl has I think, but it looks like the angle the cylinder sits at more of a slant.. this true? anyone know? I suppose I could make a wedge shaped torque spacer to compensate, but I would rather not as it would make for weird bolt angles on the flange... I'm not worried about the carb being over more and airbox misalignment, as I am redoing that as well... anyone have any thoughts? I've got a larger carb, so the 81 intake won't work..
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    you're a genius. please keep posting so we can all learn. your 6053x is sweet. fix it up nice.

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    I suppose I could make a wedge shaped torque spacer...
    What do you mean by "torque spacer"?

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    Go on ebay and buy this Helm and Son aluminum intake.You can get whatever size boot you want .Click image for larger version. 

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    250r rules

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