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Thread: Hello and finally!

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    Apr 2014
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    Hello and finally!

    Well. first time posting as my new to me 85 honda 350X arrived today. I'm up in Rhode Island but plan to run her hard up in Maine. Been hunting one of these for a while and always in the back of my mind while collecting toys. Was an avid rider of a yamaha 225DX back in 84 and beyond but left her in San Diego. Bought a 4 wheeler back at the turn of the century but was never in love with it, one wheel too many I thought. I got rid of the quad and later discovered Argo's and really got into that, still got her. She's a six wheeler and I went through her and made her mine. Now I'm starting this project, restore the 350X to my level of acceptance and hit the dirt. Looking forward to learning here and hoping it's a helpful bunch of folks here.

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    Welcome to the site! Post some pictutes of your project 350x. We all enjoy pictures!
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    Welcome.....you mean there's actually room to ride a three wheeler in Rhode Island? That's cool! I think Ted Turner has a cattle ranch in Montana bigger than RI.
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