This year is going to be a bit of a special one to many of us - having lost this past year 2 pillars of the event. John Swinehart, which needs no introduction around here for all his help and contributions to this event, the website, and the sport in general. But we also lost Ruth Shelton. She did not post much on the boards here but was another long time TF attendee with her son Jonathan (Xowner) and for years helped out with the drag racing logistics. Printing numbers, helping organize us at the signups at Haspin and offline prior to, brought chocolates/nuts/platters for the front desk and office when she came in (This always helped stay in good graces over the years I think). She also helped keep most of us "up at the house" fed during the week and especially during the busy even days when it seems like getting time to take a pee even is difficult on Friday and Saturdays over the years. We're pretty much all mourning the loss of both of these 2 and I can say for certain the event won't ever quite be the same without either one of them...

but, the show must go on, so I'm stopping by to give everyone an update that everything is still planning on happening as in years past, but just definitely will be different

This year's COA Bike is live on the parts shop;

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It's a super clean ATC200S as you can tell from the pics.

We also setup the Facebook "event" page for the first time in a few years if you're on there or that is your thing.

Plans are still in the works but we're gonna do something a little special for our friends this year to remember them. I hope you'll be there for it. John had attended since the very first one, minus last year while he was sick...almost 20 years worth. And Ruth had been going close to 15 years herself.