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Thread: '84 Honda 200ES front forks

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    '84 Honda 200ES front forks

    I picked up this 3 wheeler for $350 from a local guy for a buddy of mine. Had I known what I was getting myself into, I would've found one in a lot better condition for double of what we paid; the old girl needs A LOT of work. I started rebuilding a few things, including new front hub bearings/brakes. I knew the forks needed some work but I didn't think I'd be looking at replacing them. I tore into them today and ended up destroying the LH internal strut; the RH side is still seized solid with rust. So, I started researching part numbers online and come to find out that I don't actually have an '84 front fork; I researched a lot of pics, forums and Babbitts. It appears that I have a 200E front end, not an ES; the brake panel/housing and fork sliders are different. So, what is everyones opinion? A guy on justbigreds.com claims the strut-style forks can be upgraded to the 200M fork. Has anyone ever done this swap? I'd like to get all of my ducks in a row before I go back to my buddy to tell him that we need to drop another $200+ into this thing (I just received a new set of fiberglass fenders that we found on eBay for $250). Thanks in advance!

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    I heard of quite a few people swapping the front ends out. The 200es style front forks (I think 200e is the same general design?) wear out pretty easy and makes most not suitable to rebuild. I think the 200M was the front end people switched to, I suspect the newer 200S machines should be similar too, just might not have a rack mount and such. I'm pretty sure most or all 200 series 3 wheelers have similar neck heights so the steering stops are the main conflict, but that's not too hard to modify.

    If there's any electrical adapters needed, shoot me a message. I'm a bit down and out right now from a trip to the ER, but I do that kind of stuff a lot. I can't recall if the 200m, 200s, and 200es/e has the same headlight connections or not, but I could look it up if you're interested in the adapter, or maybe just a headlight socket that's made for your machine.

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