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Thread: 2019 TF swap meet post

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    2019 TF swap meet post

    Since big specht is slacking here I will start a swap meet post for 2019.

    I have a nice seat for a 125m 83-85 110 Imcan bring. Also a 350x speedo and a 185/200s speedo. Probably way more but that is a start.

    I am looking for a full oem exhaust and tool box for an 85 200x.
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    Lol yea I was slacking. Yep boys and girls post all your trike or other parts you need cause there is people coming from all over the country that are into the same things and it almost like getting free shipping.
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    I have a couple nice 200x first gen frames and rear fender to sell if anybody needs one.

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    I have a DG slip on for a Honda XR650L for sale. It has little use but needs the mount closest to the headpipe welded back on. I'm not sure how it broke but, it did. I'm asking $100 obo or trade for '82 R parts. I'm looking for a nice seat, nice fenders, complete motor and old school race parts. I'll trade up or down, thanks!

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    I'm still looking for a 1982 atc 110 seat pan or complete seat.

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    got same big red tank no one wanted last year and 83/84 r tank both need repair but no holes 83/85 200x engine parts,chain cover misc. only bring if interest arises ask leaving Monday
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    Hey guys sorry about the late reply. I have a few spare parts and stuff from builds.

    Klt 185 motor (bought it from a trusted friend who says it ran. BUT I have never had it running its just a spare.) $100

    Klt 185 front forks $35

    Klt 185 rear differential (never inspected if someone is interested I will pull the plug for pics, Again from a trusted friend feel free to pull the plug and inspect at TF) $75

    Klt 185 fuel tank rust inside po stripped exterior $30

    Klt 185 rear plastics in rough shape $35

    Atc185 rear fenders (no seat pan or foam has crack) $45

    1982 atc 185s front forks (just the forks I'm keeping the front tire and fender for another 185s) $30

    Atc 185s chain guards worn through in spot. $15

    Act 185s carrier $25

    Atc 250es dash with key lock cylinder glued in. $25

    If your interested in any parts please let me know space is limited and if I don't have someone interested I won't bring that part.

    I might have more on Monday when i can get to my parts stash.

    I'm looking for a good cid 110 motor. Also looking for an atc 70 110cc swap exhaust. Looking to trade but I do have some spare funds. Prices are negotiable I'm firm on the rear diff and motor.
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    My suspended ATC185s build thread.

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