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Thread: New here from Largo, Florida

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    New here from Largo, Florida

    I have a 1987 3 Wheeler. The last of the 3 wheeler "Big Red". The front tire is flat and I can't get it out of gear to move it. I thought the gear pattern would be like my motorcycles but I couldn't find neutral. The original owner of this trike died last November. The trike was covered in his back yard with the key in it. The key is gone. It started up every time until about a year ago. I didn't check but it probable has old gas in it. The oroginal owner bought it new in 1987 and he was very adament about it being a 1987. I found numbers on it. ATC250ES 1987 model. Made in Japan. 4/86. I found another one with 1987 Honha00246 on it.the last of the Big Red's. I am thinking about selling it because I have my motorcycles to ride.
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    Neutral is all the way down. Yes, 250ESs were built in 1987. There's no dispute there. I hope you change your mind and get it running again. At least ride it a little bit. You may decide that you like it. These are very nice machines.

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