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Thread: Yamaha moto 4 variations

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    Yamaha moto 4 variations

    Iím working on a Yamaha moto 4 yfm 225 for a relative and am having a tough time finding parts for this specific model. I can find parts for the yfm 200 and the yfm 250 but it seems like the yfm 225 model doesnít exist. Iíve had some luck using oem parts diagrams and checking if part numbers are the same. Unfortunately some of the usual maintenance items such as air filter are model specific, at least according to my part number cross referencing.
    The moto 4 225 and 250 appear to be the same, just different engine displacements. The moto 4 200 looks to be a different machine entirely.
    Can someone enlighten me on the differences between the 225 and 250? All my web readings leads me to think the 225 was produced but soon forgotten.
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    If there's any parts you need, I have one of them 225's sitting around. Rear end was squeaking and squawking and when I moved it one day the engine locked up on me at just above idle. Never dug into it, but rear shocks are blown and such, figured it would be more of a money pit than what it was worth. I also have the bigger version, pretty sure it's a 350 but maybe it was a 250, runs and drives fine, just needs rings replaced and timing chain, and that was after fixing the primary clutch that gave out and locked the engine up (clutches bent out to side case somehow).

    For air filters and oil filters, maybe give your local auto parts store a call or stop in. Generally they can order in parts if they have anything in their catalog (they normally have to go to the actual books to look up these machines). I found the HT3813 Honda lawn tractors use the same oil filter as a Toyota Camry, or 3.4L v6 pickup engine.

    In theory you could probably buy the air filter foam and rebuild your own air filters if you can't find a source for them. If I recall correctly, the 225 had a similar filter as my 99 Yamaha warrior. I'm not sure what kind of glue they use, but with the air filter core I'd think it should be pretty easy to build one given the right raw materials.

    I can look at part diagrams and look up part numbers, but sounds like you already know how to do that, so I probably can't be much help identifying the differences between the machines. I did notice the 200 vs 225 was a big difference, and the 225 seems to be an uncommon model.

    Thing I find interesting is there is no badging on the machine to indicate the engine size, but there's plenty of badging to show it's a Moto 4.

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    I had one of those for like 7+ years

    These are the models:
    Yamaha ATV 1989 PRO-4 PRO HAULER - YFU1W

    Yamaha ATV 1987 MOTO-4 - YFM225T

    Yamaha ATV 1988 MOTO-4 - YFM225U

    Yamaha ATV 1991 MOTO-4 - YFM250B

    Yamaha ATV 1989 MOTO-4 - YFM250W

    Yamaha ATV 1986 MOTO-4 - YFM225S

    Yamaha ATV 1990 MOTO-4 - YFM250A


    I believe them all to be the same also besides things like displacement. I know there was some kinda Terra pro 350 with PTO drives on the front and rear. Not sure what PRO-4 Hauler is though.

    Maybe try here?:

    But it seems many parts are now unavailable since it is vintage status, so you will have to search long and hard and/or rely on used parts.
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