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Thread: 1986 200x kick lever

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    Apr 2012
    MI, USA
    Yea I'm not sure which direction it kicks.

    I had a Honda Trail 70 before, and I think it kicks forward, but no way it would fit your machine anyway lol.

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    Aug 2016
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    One dirtbike kicker I always wanted to try for the 86 is one of those huskavarna (bad spelling) left hand side kickers/ mounted on the right side it’d kick forward. If I’m picturing it right.
    A friend a few yrs ago had a husky 250 I think it was, I gotta say starting that bike was a hard thing to do.
    It’s probably one of those hard to find items also I’d guess. It would have to be pretty cheap just for a trial fit.

    Nevermind I just saw one on eBay it looks to be keyed not splined
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