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Thread: Needing to mount an 85 caliper to an 86 swing arm with 86 brake stay.

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    Needing to mount an 85 caliper to an 86 swing arm with 86 brake stay.

    Hey guys, Not sure if I am posting this in the right place or not. But here goes. I bought what I thought and was told to be an 86 250r a few years back when I didn't really know much about them, and I still don't. i bought a longer swing arm for it thinking it was an 86. When it came time to mount the caliper. I then realized the differences between the 85 and 86.

    So I now have an 85 250 with an 86 swing arm. I need to mount this 85 rear caliper to this 86 swing arm with an 86 brake stay. . The piece I need I can not find. I need the bracket that mounts the caliper to the brake stay on the swing arm.... Is there a different year quad or TRX that I may be able to use this part from?

    I'd swap out the entire caliper. But I had sent a bunch of my parts to Cascade when they were in business and had everything polished, including the calipers. I know I can get the entire caliper assembly for an 87 TRX on eBay for like $200. But i only need that one little piece.

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    Hey Ethan, welcome to the site. I can't answer your question (Yamaha guy), but I'm sure someone will soon. You can also go to the search box and type in "brake stay 86 250R" and some threads will come up that might help.

    Hope you stick around and post some pics


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    ahh thank you! I searched it then and found what I needed. Just as I expected, I needed to buy the entire caliper assembly. Since just the bracket is hardly ever offered. I just ordered one from eBay. $200 later for a little bracket. ha, well now I have a back up caliper to put on the shelf and forget about! Or for the next 250 rebuild.
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    weld on the brake stay for the 1985 use your 1985 stuff...OR use stuff 1986. however is better so honestly i'd sell off the 86 stuff / trx450R...it bolts right on the 1986 stuff. plus you will have money left over after selling off he 1985 stuff. Last 1985 set up I sold i get ovet $100 for a working caliper.

    for the trx450r /450er swap you just need the brake stake, the guide pin, the c-clip and the caliper. last one i bought i had $50 into it.

    just buy this and be done with it.


    dont buy this because its the same stuff i just sent you the links for. This goon just wont tell you what he is using and only sell brand new stuff. Its not a $400 swap. Its $50-75 all day long every day.

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