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Thread: Learn something new everyday

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    Learn something new everyday

    Never knew there was a Tecate quad....sounds awful cheap.
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    I'd be willing to bet that is a scam.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hondatcs View Post
    I'd be willing to beat that is a scam.

    If not you better be all on that.
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    Scam, I texted and no answer then I found it on eBay from a while ago.

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    I can confirm is a scam, saw the same pictures on boston Craigslist. As they say too good to be true, for 1000 bucks a tecate 4 would need a full restoration, there’s a regular 3 wheeled tecate on NH craigs (might be gone, first saw it a week ago or so) for 900 bucks. Sun dried red plastics and ‘runs but needs work” as so often the case with anything cheap on CL

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