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Thread: HELP! New from louisiana

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    Thank you. Glad I could help your search engine . What is the difference between 200e 200es and so on? I know mine is shaft drive with reverse which is a big deal so I've been told

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    Basically, the E was chain drive, no reverse. The ES was shaft drive with reverse. Both had electric start and hi/lo. The ES was made in 1984 only while the E was made in 82 & 83.

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    ATC185/ATC200 - Chain drive, no reverse
    ATC185S/ATC200S - Chain drive no reverse (S vs no S is a size difference in the machine or something like that)
    ATC200E - Chain drive with transfer case (high/low), no reverse, has stock racks/hitch
    ATC200ES - Shaft drive version of the 200E, but has reverse too, this was also the hottest seller for a single year of any model of 3 wheeler.
    ATC200M - I don't know a whole lot about this model, service manual shows it's chain drive and no transfer case, based on the core engine design, likely doesn't have reverse. Also doesn't appear to have racks. I guess it's effectively a 200S
    ATC200X - Chain drive sport model, no reverse, full suspension

    Going a step further...

    ATC250ES - Redesigned ATC200ES, same basic design goal, but bigger engine, no transfercase (first gear is "super low" like they still used for much later work horse models). Reverse gear is internal in the transmission
    ATC250SX - Basically a shaft drive sport model of the 250ES with no racks

    ATC70, ATC90, ATC110, ATC125 are all hard tail chain drive horizontal engines (except the later version of the 125M which is more like the ATC185S but I think it had a rear shock)
    ATC250R - 2 stroke race model
    ATC350x - 4 stroke hum sport model I guess would be the best word. It can race but pretty sure that's not the intended design.

    The 3 lines above area all models with no reverse. It seems the 3 wheelers were more designed after a motorcycle. Some early quad models also didn't have reverse.

    I think that covers most of the 3 wheeler models. The 200 series had a lot of designs, but the core engine design didn't change a whole lot model to model. Those engines continued into the motorcycle world as the XL or XR 200 bikes, and recently found out the CRF230 is a similar design. The 250ES/SX were the same (later turning into the TRX250 utility quad and the bottom end designe used in the TRX350D which has more of a 350x top end design). The 250R is on it's own, but it's family of engine went into the 2 stroke race quads and 2 stroke race bikes. The 350x family of engine was down sized for the TRX250X, and slowly transformed into the TRX300EX and 400EX.

    Don't really know the engine families are 100% fact, but it's just what it seems like looking at their main design and such.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bud250 View Post
    New from louisiana I know nothing about 3 wheelers but I'm buying 2 200 frames and a 250 frame. All hondas. 2 200 engines and a pile of other stuff. I'm sure from the junk I can make one good one for the kids to ride but I would like to make one scream for me and the kids when they get older. I need guidance I dont know what all can be done with these. I've been told the 200 forks cant be rebuilt but the 250 can. That's the extent of my 3 wheeler knowledge
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