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    I have owned and ridden my 3 wheeler for about 20 years. I love it. It is a 1980, 110cc. Folks always say "those are dangerous". I say, ride it like it is a motorcycle. It will turn over if you dont shift your weight; will also do wheel stands, etc. So.... you have to be a good rider. But you guys know all this.... Anyway; I am 69 now and my wife has convinced me that it is time to sell it. So I am going to. It is in nice condition and runs good; cosmetically good too. Will need tires sooner or later. So I am hoping to sell it here. But I love this thing so dont really want to, but as you age.... I guess I must change a bit. I live in Ball Ground, GA. I will take lots of photos .

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    Yea a lot of people are scared of 3 wheels it seems like, I get that once in a while, or the aren't those things illegal?

    Being a hard tail and getting a bit of age, you could always upgrade to a full suspension machine like the 200x, 350x, or 250r, don't know how your situation is, just throwing ideas out there =). Side by sides are really getting popular too, I'd think they would be a good option when straddling a machine isn't much of an option any more, but you still want to ride the trails. They are effectively golf carts built for off roading.

    Anyway, good luck with selling your machine, and welcome to the site.

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    When people tell me they are dangerous I laugh and tell them....So's a sharp pencil if you're an idiot. Getting hurt on any machine is never the machine's fault .....unless it's made by Cyberdyne Systems.
    I was born and raised on Venus & I may be here a while.....

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