One thing that annoyed the hell out of me with the gen 1's is a terrible intake, from port to where the air goes in.. so on this revision, I've decided to start from scratch (I'll be doing a build thread at some point) I've got the intake built, new air box, everything is where I want it and how I want it. anyways, using gen 3 rear plastics (again due to the exorbitant price, and scares availability of gen 1 crap). so here I am, deciding how I want to shield this thing for air delivery. after removing the seat pan, I see how much mud and water got into the original design, not terrible, but yeah more than I would like to see.

my first idea since the combo of gen 1 seat and gen 3 plastics leaves lots of room on either side of the seat for copying how the gen 1 did it is to go that route, I'm also redoing the seat pan, so there's room to modify that as well to accommodate. I also have about 3" between the end of the seat, and where the gen 3 seat would end, so there's room for some baffles there too.

then there's also the idea of routing an air intake duct up to the neck, essentially copying what the later trikes did. just with an extra tube, or has anyone attempted to draft through the original backbone? I need to do a few frame tweaks anyways, so while I'm cutting and welding, I could modify the back bone.

so pretty much I've got wiggle room to pretty much do whatever I want, that being said, what trike, or whatever has the least amount of mud intrusion?