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Thread: Top speeds for 200cc's

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    Top speeds for 200cc's

    What are the top speeds of your 200cc trikes. A friend of mine- Bigred_85 - has a few two hundreds . One of which is a 1984 200s, and it hits 53 mph. His other 200s is an 1984 and only goes about 45. 1982 200e only goes about 42. The first bike I mentioned has way more power than the others and had some interesting mods- painted handle bars, twist throttle, and seems to have a different ride height and better forks. I dont think the gearing is different between the 84s. What do you guys have to say about 200cc speed?

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    I never got a reading on my 200ES, but compared to my 250sx (tops out about 52mph), I'd guess it's around 40mph.

    Tire size & weight, sprocket gearing, engine health, and riding surface all effects the top speed. I assume you're on a gravel or paved road? The 250sx figure was from a gravel road that should be quite flat, don't recall if there was much of any wind that day.

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