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Thread: Good Honda Engine Rebuilder????

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    Good Honda Engine Rebuilder????

    Good afternoon! I've got an old 76 Honda XL250 thats been sitting in the garage for a while. It needs at least a new top end put in it. Anybody have any recommendations on a reputable individual that I could send this motor to for a top end build/once over?

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    It's not THAT hard. A little frustrating at first but the most important tool to have on hand is patience. Trust me....If this greasy, uneducated, dumbazz redneck can do it.......

    Maybe you just don't have the time or space....Start with YaegerB here on 3ww. Pretty sure he does engines. KNOW for an absolute FACT he's the man for carburetors. He's a stand up fine fella to deal with. There are others here as well.
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    I've dealt with yaegerb (Brendon Yaeger) and shortline10 (Mike Baker) both on this forum for some 4-stroke Honda work and have had excellent service with both of those guys.

    There are a few others on here as well that do small engines for a living but I can only speak from personal experience

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