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Thread: 1986 TRX/ATC Expansion Chamber Question

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    1986 TRX/ATC Expansion Chamber Question

    Alright, long story short, my dad had this TRX250r wheeler from way back when, as a second owner. He bought it because it was crashed and he put a three wheeler front end on it, making it appear longer, and is for sure a one of a kind machine. I love it to death! Anywho, my question is, is there any pipe out there that is the same exact size of a neck from the wrap around as the stock pipes from 86? A TRX pipe goes too far forward and hits the radiator, and would continue to the front tire, on the other hand, an ATC pipe drops too low down and hits the frame where it has been modified. I tried a DG, FMF, and Pro Circuit pipe and they just do not fit. Any ideas, or even any other ideas for performance add on's that doesn't alter the motor itself? Thank You in advance! I cannot seem to upload my own photos on to the thread by the way....

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    You’ll need to look for a local snowmobile/UTV/drag race shop judging on MN. Take whatever pipe or pipes you have with the custom trike to them. If they are a SPEED shop they gotta guy that will cut it and fit it for ya.

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