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Thread: 1973 ATC 70 Fuel Tank

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    1973 ATC 70 Fuel Tank

    I just purchased a 1973 ATC 70. All of in all the bike is in good shape for the age. It has been sitting for over 15 years. After I got it home I gave it a shot of ether in the airbox and it fired on the first pull. That is a good sign, at least I know it will run after a carb cleaning. The real problem is that the fuel tank is badly rusted. The inside is full of heavy thick scale and is rusted so badly that it is bubbling through the paint on the outside. I know there are no reproduction tanks for the '73-'74 ATC 70s. Some of the plastic aftermarket tanks from Clarke and Wide Open claim to fit the '73-'74 models, but looking at them you can plainly see.they are fashioned after the '78-'85 tanks. Has anyone ever used these tanks on the '73-'74 models? Is it bolt on or are there extensive mods to be done? The bike is pretty nice but not nice enough to spend $500-$850 on a rare '73-'74 tank.
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