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Thread: Yamaha Tri Moto Oil Injection Line Size?

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    Yamaha Tri Moto Oil Injection Line Size?

    Just bought a 84' Yamaha Tri Moto 125 not to long ago and in the process of getting it running, the Oil injection Lines from the auto lube pump to the carb just fell apart and crumbled. Does anyone know what size these lines are?

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    Don't really know a whole lot about that machine, but if you can take a chunk of the old line with you, the auto parts store can probably attempt to match it up.

    I've only had 1 machine with the auto oilier system, and it was disabled probably decades ago, so it takes premixed gas. Just another option you could go with instead of hoping the oilier isn't bad and having it take out your engine. Not sure how you can test the oilier.

    Either case good luck with the project.

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    I just took mine to the auto shop and got some clear fuel line. At least you can see the oil running. I have three yt175s and have not had a issue with the oil pumps they seem to work really well of the yt. Good luck

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