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Thread: Thank you ps2fixer, another question...

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    Thank you ps2fixer, another question...

    Thank you for the information about telling me what years I have.
    I suffered a concussion in 2016 and has messed up my life. With simple thinking and my sense of balance. Also I get wicked headaches from hecksville.
    But my mechanic skills are mostly infected.

    So, once again I am asking for help with the numbers.
    The 1980 engine number is TB01E 2014672
    And the 1982 engine number is TB01E 2274478
    My wife and I live on a ranch so having two ATC running correct with original equipment is essential.
    Thank you again for your help.
    Oh also when I recieved these ATC free from a friend of mine, who got tired of seeing them in his garage. I also received a 1978 Honda XL75, which is also dosen't run and missing parts.

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    Looks like the frames and engines match.

    Engine Serial decoded to: 1980 ATC185
    Engine Serial decoded to: 1982 ATC185S

    Not a problem with helping out. I have the numbers to validate the engine & frame numbers for the XL75 too, I'd have to look it up in the book though, not on my site. I don't really have much experence looking up part details for the motorcycles, so probably not help there except general stuff. Based on the age and size I'd assume it's a points engine with no CDI, but that's just a guess. If it is a points based ignition, there's not too much electrically that goes wrong with them. Just adjusting/sanding the points sometimes and if it's worn too much replace the points. Condenser is another part that's replaced when there's spark related problems. Wiring, connections, coil, and spark plug are about the only other things to look at. The stator is possible to go bad, but it's most likely it's a broken wire if it failed. Sadly don't have a service manual to give specs or wire colors.

    Good luck with the machines.

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