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Thread: two wheel time machine

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    two wheel time machine

    registered my 1984 dr125 and brought it up to the trail today, had it for a few years now, never rode it besides in the yard a few times but just put new tires on it recently so I had to take it for a real spin.
    It was fine definitely prefer three wheelers so I’ll probably get rid of it soon but I haven’t decided for sure yet

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	EAC71CF7-15E1-485B-893E-F780D9724223.jpg 
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Name:	B10447A8-420B-4DE5-AA59-9449D2053A08.jpeg 
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Name:	AF4A8015-03A3-44AD-9878-CCBEE38BB2D7.jpg 
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    I can never seem to upload very well from my phone, but there are supposed to be 4 pictures from the ride, if they’re not all here I’ll edit from a computer

    edit: ended up figuring out pictures, had to upload one at a time, I’m sure I’ll forget it by next time
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