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Thread: 1985 Tri-Z 250 - DG exhaust gasket question

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    1985 Tri-Z 250 - DG exhaust gasket question

    Bought a Tri-Z with an old DG exhaust on it. Exhaust is in decent shape, so gonna refinish it and reuse.

    When it came apart, there was a broken circular gasket where the pipe meets the exhaust port.

    Anybody know if the gasket should be the OEM Yamaha part, or a different DG part? Looking to buy a replacement.


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    There are two different sizes of DG exhaust flanges. Go to the three wheeler world store and under the tri-Z listings you will find a few collars. I suggest you contact the sellers and find out which collar it is that you need for your particular exhaust pipe.

    You could just use a couple of automotive exhaust gaskets that are sold on eBay, but if you were to go that route you will damage your cylinder because the snout which is made of aluminum will get beat up by your steel exhaust pipe as it vibrates. You really donít want to do this given the value of a cylinder, so please buy the proper collar for your pipe.

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