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Thread: SX or ES?

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    SX or ES?

    I just finished my 250es engine rebuild. Now I just have to put the engine on a frame, but the frame the engine is currently in is pretty messed up and hacked, and my other frame option isn't much better because I know i need to the change swing arms and I've never done it as well as the fact that that frames pretty messed up too. So I'm weighing my options do I find another 250 ES with a bad motor and put the engine in there or do I find a 250sx putting engine in it. I saw an SX on Facebook with a bad stator I presume, due to the no spark issue it has, for 550 bucks but I don't really think something that doesn't run in that condition is worth 500, plus it's quite a ways for me to drive to buy it. My main issue is that here in South Dakota anything like an SX or ES is pretty hard to come by because guys typically just keep them and work them till they won't move another inch. I know that the ES motor would drop directly into an a sx. But I want to know is what you guys think I'm not going to be doing too much hard work with it I might trusty Foreman 400 for that. It's going to be more just for fun riding I know that the main difference between a SX and ES it's just the suspension. is it really that much better?
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    Everyone is different. many years ago I would like to throw an sx around the trails and ride all day long, now im older I prefer the es. Seems more stable for me. Both great choices tho. . 02
    our original 85 we bought new, 2 - 86 police specials
    250r dust runner
    04 Yamaha kodiaK 450 snowbuster ! Brute Force 750 dust collector .
    Bunch of es stuff I been buying for next builds....
    Gone but lives on in my aching body the mighty 350x collection . A Beat 85 es im gonna rebuild

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