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Thread: Magazines going the way of the atc

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    Magazines going the way of the atc

    Print ending for these:
    I will miss 4 wheel, car craft and lowrider

    4-Wheel & Off-Road
    Car Craft
    Chevy High Performance
    Classic Trucks 
    Diesel Power
    Hot Rod Deluxe 
    Mopar Muscle
    Muscle Car Review
    Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords
    Mustang Monthly
    Street Rodder
    Super Chevy 
    Super Street
    Truck Trend 

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    ? All those mags going away?
    If its on the internet its got to be true they can't put any lie's on the internet

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    Internet. Newspapers are going away too. Our regional paper here use to be daily and was heavy and thick but over time it has wasted away to not much more than a flyer that comes out a few times a week. Too much fake news on the internet to compete I guess.

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    Local paper here went to online only. With your subscription, you get an iPad.

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    That's sad

    I don't read magazines online... single articles, yes, but not the whole magazine. It's just not the same for me.

    I got alot of satisfaction reading magazines. Freestylin' and Eddie Fiola taught me how to do a cherry picker in seven step photography... Stompin' Stu Thompson banging bars in the berms in BMX PLUS! motivated me to build a one lane bmx track using only a pickax and a shovel in the woods by my house. I learned how to wire KC Lights on my stepdads Jeep from 4wheel and OffRoad magazine. How to install traction bars on a '78 Camaro from Super Chevy... Hemmings Motor News was how I knew that the best classic and antique car deals were anywhere outside of the rust belt I lived in. Popular Mechanics was where my grandpa learned to build a wooden rowboat and a homemade hovercraft.

    The internet is easier, faster, and more inclusive but it's just too easy. Print magazines were like a tiny window into a much bigger picture and you had to wait until next month to get a look through another window. Remember how happy you were to come home and see the latest Hot Rod issue mingling amongst the medical bills and other bad news? Like a gold nugget in a turd pile!

    I have an affinity for printed catalogs too. I've spent thousands of hours pouring through catalogs in my lifetime. You never know you want or need something until you see it in a catalog lol... When we were little kids (1970-1990) our favorite thing was the Sears and Roebuck Holiday catalog. Forty five pages of the latest and best toys a kid could ever ask for. Didn't matter that we didn't get most of it, the daydreaming about having the stuff was excitement all by itself. Us cousins would fight over holding the catalog and then fight over who gets what as if we had any say in the matter. Materialism is a real m*****f****r, isn't it? Hooks your kids at an early age

    My wife hates Jegs because every few weeks or so, I get the mail and I'm not talking to her for at least an hour while I peruse the latest go-fast goodies at 10% off regular price. LMC or Jeff's Bronco Graveyard usually eats up 90 minutes each.

    I will never forget or regret the old and slow days.... When you mailed $12.52 in singles and change in an envelope and waited six weeks for your new chartreuse Haro number plate for your BMX bike to show up. The cool thing was that it took so long to get it that you forgot you were waiting on it and then it arrives and it's like a surprise HAHA!

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    Maybe all the old print magazines will go up in value like the Dirt wheels did.....

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