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Thread: The Honda Duet: An Unreleased Side by Side Prototype from 1990

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    The Honda Duet: An Unreleased Side by Side Prototype from 1990

    I have a very special video to show you of two ATV's that don't exist on the internet.

    These never before released pictures were taken at a 1990 Honda show in Las Vegas. No cameras were allowed in the event center, but luckily one individual snuck in a Polaroid to capture ATV history. These photographs would remain hidden in a cabinet for 30 years.

    Two ATV's are on display: The Honda Duet, and accompanying singe seat variant. The Duet was powered by a triple cylinder engine with triple carburetors. Both vehicles have beautifully molded body designs and production-ready mechanical components. Unfortunately, neither vehicle was produced. We don't have any other information aside from these few photographs.

    Download the photos here, and feel free to use them in any form of media:

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    Honda should have produced it. I think it would've sold well and ATVs were more affordable then, so I wouldn't think they would've been too expensive.

    Of course, I'm surprised that the Pilot line didn't sell better than it did and maybe that had something to do with the Duet never seeing production

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    That Duet was probably wicked fast.

    Just wow...for 1990
    The story of three wheels and a man...

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