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Thread: Newbie 3 wheeler wanna be

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    Jan 2020

    Newbie 3 wheeler wanna be

    Looking forward to a new project (restoring to use and enjoy) a three wheeler. Getting out of the antique outboard motor restoration (not for profit) business/hobby, and looking for another....at least one for now anyway. Thanks in advance to those who may have the inclination to help with finding my project, parts for it, and technical assistance. I hope to be a good citizen member worth of your assistance.

    My interest in 3 wheelers are those built and used for the more mundane tasks...the working class models, and the unique adaptations of such older characters. My primary focus will be to get some help in finding something like an old Commuter type model (or similar suggestions?) to purchase to get starter. Help Wanted...will post in classifieds as WTB.

    Still have some old small outboards to sell to finance my first 3 whlr project purchase, so pardon the cheap plug, so if anyone who reads my intro here knows of any such 3 whlrs available my sincere appreciation.


    Kyle the 3whlrwannabe

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    Oct 2020
    good luck kyle. these trikes are not easy to find but they are out there. and at 35 years old they are usually in need lots of restoration. but if that's what you are into and are not afraid to spend some cash then welcome to the party

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    Oct 2020

    In my area, the easiest trike to aquire is a 110-200cc hardtail honda. They're the most affordable to buy, and being hardtails they're the cheapest to maintain. All? Of them have dual range (high&low).. so even a 110 could pull a trailer around your yard.

    A big red would be the prime choice, but, will cost 2-3x what a hardtail would (in my area anyways) and like Jim said.. will need work. When it comes to powersports.. USED + 35 years old usually = clapped out. Youll pay a premium for a running machine then have to put a bunch of money into it.
    1980 Honda 110-125 lifan manual clutch *in progress*

    1985 200x - building peice by piece

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    Good luck!

    When you get one, please post some pictures.

    There's another member with a Manco that's doing a fine job getting it going again and documenting the process.

    The story of three wheels and a man...

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