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Thread: what are some good South Dakota riding areas

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    Apr 2019
    South Dakota

    what are some good South Dakota riding areas

    Am currently trying to find some areas which 3 wheelers would be allowed to ride at. If anybody knows of a good east river riding area, let me know. I have heard there is a riding area near Pierre, anybody got a ride report of the place?
    Currently : atc200m, trx400, xr350r, xl250s, yz250
    Gone: 200es, yt125(x2) 250es (x5), 200e, 200m

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    Jun 2021
    Talsma Trail park in Avon.

    You can visit my website or youtube if you want to see more build pics and vids

    www.bigfootbikesandbrews.com or youtube channel Bigfoot Bikes and Brews

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